What is Shirt of the Month?

Shirt of the Month is a subscription-based program, priced at just $15/month per shirt (including tax & shipping), in which upon enrollment, the customer becomes part of a community of subscribers who receive a new, Texas-themed t-shirt every month that is designed uniquely for Shirt of the Month subscribers.

How do I sign up for Shirt of the Month?
Signing up for Shirt of the Month couldn’t be easier.

  1. Click on Shirt of the Month on our web page (monthly or yearly pay).
  2. Click "add to cart".
  3. Fill out the Subscription Info form.
  4. Check out.

How does Shirt of the Month work?
Upon enrollment your credit or debit card will immediately be charged $15.00 ($12 for the shirt, + $3.00 for tax and shipping), and your new Texas t-shirt will be shipped on the 1st day of the following month. Then, on the 1st of every month thereafter, you will be charged $15.00 for that month’s uniquely designed, Texas-themed t-shirt, which you will receive within the first week. (For example, if you subscribe on Nov. 15th, you will be billed 15.00 on Nov. 15th, your first shirt will ship Dec. 1st, then you will be billed for your next shirt on Jan 1st). 

There is no contract involved with Shirt of the Month and you are free to cancel at anytime … but hey, at just $15/month who would want to cancel, right?

Will all of your Shirt of the Month t-shirts have a Texas-theme?
Yes! The people of Texas, scattered around our country, are unique and pride themselves in this grand land, and through Shirt of the Month, we want to offer them a way to wear their pride.

Can I purchase the Shirt of the Month without enrolling in the program?
The simple answer is that you cannot. Shirt of the Month is a unique program, and we are trying to keep the t-shirts special for our subscribers.

Can I give a Shirt of the Month subscription as a gift?
One of the really neat features of Shirt of the Month is that you can give a subscription as a gift to someone (talk about the gift that keeps on giving). Just make sure you fill out the appropriate information on the Subscriber form (where shirt will be shipped, recipient’s name, email, etc.).

You can always contact us through our website, just click on Contact at the top of the page, or send an email to service@txtshirt.com.